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Discover Cosmeclinik - The Cosmetic Dermatology Clinic

The Company:

Cosmeclinik S.A was founded in 1994 with one main objective: "To provide medical specialists dermocosmetic products that help improve and prevent skin diseases".

Since the beginning, every product development in Cosmeclinik has been defined as high quality preparations that are coadjutants to the pathologies that patients present at medical consultations. By clinical studies we verify the effectiveness of the products and once the expected results are achieved, the products are offered to the market through medical visits.

Nowadays Cosmeclinik still works and creates products that meet that criteria, offering a high variety of brands and lines with a common denominator, depending on the problem to be treated, especially in two major fields: Dermatology and Oncology.

In fact, after more than 20 years of life, thanks to the continuous research, development and innovation policy that Cosmeclinik follows, we are proud to offer a variety of preparation ranges available to physicians and pharmacists, so that thee can provide solutions to the demands that they face.

All Cosmeclinik products are sold exclusively in the pharmacy channel and are produced under the same principles of demand as drugs.

Our Vision:

Thanks to the team that constitutes Cosmeclinik, which combines experience and youth with a high level of preparation, we are projected to the future with renewed enthusiasm and committed to launch innovative, effective, and accessible products to all.

Our Mission:

To offer doctors and pharmacist cosmetic products, which help them, deal effectively with certain cutaneous processes. We use the best excipients and active ingredients possible, conduct cutting-edge researches and always ensure that the quality standards that guarantee the skin health are never compromised.

The cosmetic dermatology clinic:

Why is Cosmeclinik known as the cosmetic dermatology clinic company? Because we create the dermocosmetic products that are requested by specialists, always using the best excipients in order to surpass the expectations of the doctor/pharmacist as well as those of the patients.

Quality commitment:

ISO 9001: In order to better fulfil its company purpose, in 1999 Cosmeclinik obtained the ISO 9001 quality certificate, after subjecting its products and services to the evaluations established under that system. This guarantee endorses the meticulous preparation of its cosmetics and ensures the full trust of specialists and users. The business policy of Cosmeclinik is based on the ongoing improvement of its production capacity, the capability of its installations, and a constant concern for correct customer service.

Responsibility and integrity:

All products offered by Cosmeclinik, are designed to provide the results we promise. Our priority is to offer efficient products to combat certain skin problems. We create those dermocosmetic products demanded by the industry, always using the best excipients in order to overcome both the expectations of the doctors/pharmacists and patients.

Cosmeclinik doest not test on animals:

We do not experience nor we have never experimented with animals in the manufacture of Cosmeclinik products. The safety of Cosmeclinik products is guaranteed thanks to the use of the best excipients and active ingredients.




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