Sativa Colu-Tex Spray

It alleviates xerostomia or a dry mouth.
It balances the flow of saliva.
It moisturises and protects oral mucous.
It refreshes and prevents irritation.
Alcohol-free Paraben-free. Sugar-free.
Suitable for diabetics.
Allergen-free aroma.
Daily use.


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C.N. 184923.6
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Sativa Colu-Tex Spray prevents the symptoms associated with xerostomia and it soothes the tissues of the oral cavity. The moisturising and calming active ingredients of its specific formula for dry mouths, creates a protective film that moisturises the oral mucous, helping to prevent possible irritations.

Directions for use:

Spray twice or three times in the oral cavity. Avoid rinsing afterwards. It is recommended not to ingest food or liquid until 15 minutes after use. Apply the necessary number of times or in accordance with each individual case. In the event of accidental contact with the eyes, rinse with lots of water. Keep out of the reach of children. Do not ingest. Not suitable for children under the age of 6.


  • Tex-Oe®.
  • Bisabolol.
  • Hyaluronic Acid.
  • Croton lechleri.
  • Betaine.
  • Punica granatum.
  • Chamomile extract.
  • Sideritis angustifolia.
  • Calendula extract.


TEX-OE® is an innovative active ingredient that acts by increasing the synthesis speed of HSP or stress proteins, which are responsible for repairing the cell damage caused by exposure to an aggression.

It contains ALPHA BISABOLOL which has a significant decongestant effect. Its content of HYALURONIC ACID has a moisturising effect on the surface of the skin linked to its filmogenic capacity. It forms an aqueous viscoelastic film that retains water, offering the characteristics of natural protection.

CROTON LECHLERI is known for its reparative properties.

BETAINE, an active ingredient with properties that moisturise and protect oral mucosa, it combats the irritation caused by mechanical or chemical agents. In products for oral hygiene it makes it possible to alleviate the symptoms associated with a dry mouth.

PUNICA GRANATUM, or pomegranate extract, increases the natural flow of water, stimulating the aqueous channels of the epidermis (aquaporins), improving the moisturising level of the mouth´s skin tissue.

CHAMOMILE EXTRACT has a calming and decongestant effect.

SIDERITIS ANGUSTIFOLIA extract strengthens the anti-inflammatory and healing properties on wounds and ulcerations.

Finally, CALENDULA EXTRACT provides a calming, healing and anti-inflammatory effect.


Aqueous solution. Its formula contains an allergen-free aroma.

pH= 5.5. Compatible with oral mucosa.


30 ml Bottle.

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C.N. 184923.6

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